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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Get Your Hands on LobsterBand Rings  Featured Image
Get Your Hands on LobsterBand Rings
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  • Category: Industrial
We close the claws of some of the 280,000 tons of lobster caught each year. And now these bands are being used to adorn human hands. Jeweler Tegan Curry grew up in Bar Harbour, Maine and spent the summers beach walking and treasure hunting. Finding the various-colored lobster bands among bits of mussel shells, sea glass and beach stones is how...Read More

Angler Bands are the “Reel” Deal Featured Image
Angler Bands are the “Reel” Deal
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  • Category: Industrial
As the weather gets warmer, we know fishermen will be back on the water soon. We recently shared how rubber bands can be utilized to enhance your bait.  For amateur and professional anglers alike, we produce Offshore Angler Bands. These heavy-duty bands are ideal for rigging baits and release clips for rods, downriggers and outriggers.  You...Read More

Get a Grip with Rubber Bands Featured Image
Get a Grip with Rubber Bands
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  • Category: Home Use
Most people would choose a Butterfinger over “butter fingers”. Image via Play Buzz Have you ever had a butter-finger moment in the shower? It’s happened to all of us – we lose our grip on the shampoo bottle. To prevent this from happening to you, try wrapping your bottles with rubber bands. The bands will provide...Read More