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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Happy to be in The Mile High City Featured Image
Happy to be in The Mile High City
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  • Category: Alliance Rubber
Today is a great day at Alliance Rubber Company. We are currently in Denver, Colo. at the 2014 U.S. Manufacturing Summit hosted by Walmart.  We are getting to hear from a variety of speakers – Walmart executives, government leaders and experts in a variety of industries. It’s a big day for many companies at the Summit,...Read More

How to Make Tie-dye to Die For Featured Image
How to Make Tie-dye to Die For
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  • Category: At Play
Making tie-dye shirts is a fun craft to make with kids! Partake in this activity to celebrate the end of summer or to create a fun way for a classroom to bond at the beginning of the school year. School field trip t-shirts, anyone? Dharma Trading Company shared very helpful instructions on how to make a quality tie-dye shirt, as well as specific...Read More

How to Get the Perfect French Manicure Featured Image
How to Get the Perfect French Manicure
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  • Category: Personal Use
Women have to do a lot to get ready in the morning. In addition to hair and makeup, they also have to make sure their nails look just right. That can be a time-consuming challenge, but it can be made quick and easy thanks to a rubber band! Just follow the pictorial below from Don’t forget to clean up the extra polish...Read More