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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Resistor Strip Exercise Featured Image
Resistor Strip Exercise
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  • Category: Home Use
We know the treadmill and elliptical can get boring over time. Use our Resistor Strip band to change up your work out. The Resistor Strip is a great way to strengthen, tone and stretch during your workout. Watch the video below to learn how the Resistor Strip can be used for a total upper body workout!   Read More

Workout Bands Featured Image
Workout Bands
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  • Category: Home Use
Our Workout Bands can be used for conditioning, strengthening or muscle building. They can help you stay in shape no matter where you are. The Workout Bands are portable and offer customizable workouts. They can help with athletic training and injury rehabilitation. Tie these bands together and start your workout today! These Workout Bands are now...Read More

Rubber Band Magic Tricks Featured Image
Rubber Band Magic Tricks
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  • Category: Magic Tricks
You already know that rubber bands have lots of different uses, but did you know that they’re used in magic tricks? Check out how New Jersey magician Joe Rindfleisch uses our rubber bands in his magic tricks! He even says that “they’re the best choice around” and that “they stretch better than anything I’ve ever...Read More