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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Rubber Bands Walk the Runway Featured Image
Rubber Bands Walk the Runway
  • Posted:
  • Category: School Use
Lunar Gala 2015 has come and gone for fashion students at Carnegie Mellon University. This year, a clothing line made from rubber bands was featured on the runway. Miriam Buchwald, a junior industrial design major at the university, designed the line. Last fall she reached out to us about providing the rubber bands for her to use.  It’s...Read More

Straining Doesn’t Have to be Such a Strain Featured Image
Straining Doesn’t Have to be Such a Strain
  • Posted:
  • Category: Kitchen Use
Cooks around the world know the kitchen can pose its share of challenges, even if you don’t have Gordon Ramsay yelling at you.  Image via Many dishes involve the use of a strainer. Transferring items from a bowl to a strainer back to a bowl can be a hassle.  Image via Take the strain...Read More

Rubber Bands Keep Your Crock Pot in Tact Featured Image
Rubber Bands Keep Your Crock Pot in Tact
  • Posted:
  • Category: Kitchen Use
  Potlucks are fun occasions for many reasons. Enjoying a meal at the table is a great way to form and build relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc. A possible downside to a potluck is transporting your dish from your kitchen to your destination, especially if your dish is in a Crock Pot. It is trips like these that...Read More